Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand

Ko Pha-ngan
Another ideal destination for travelers who prefer less crowded, more private beaches set in a laid-back atmosphere. However, this is also a very hip place to be as the island hosts the world famous, and perhaps the biggest beach party on this planet the full moon party on Hat Rin.

Covering an area of 191 square kilometers, Ko Pha-ngan is located 20 kilometers directly north of Ko Samui, or approximately 100 kilometers from Surat. The best time to visit Ko Pha-ngan is from February to September. Interesting attractions include secluded and virgin beaches around the island, a hilltop temple called Wat Khao Tham which is ideal for meditation, Than Sadet Waterfall, and the Namtok Phaeng National Park. Renting a motorcycle to explore the island is recommended as there is a lot to see and do.

Hat Rin
Located at Mu 4, Ban Tai Sub-district, approximately 12 kilometers from the District Office is the most beautiful and famous beach on Ko Pha-ngan – Hat Rin. The white sandy beach stretching for 2 kilometers is accessible by a long-tailed boat from Thong Sala Pier and Ban Kai. The fare is approximately 30 bahts and 20 bahts respectively. The Full-moon Party, with over a thousand party lovers in attendance is held on this beach.

Full Moon Party in Thailand:

Full Moon Party Schedule 2008

14th September, 2008 
4th October, 2008
12th November, 2008
2nd December, 2008

Full Moon Party Schedule 2009

10th January, 2009 <== Next Full Moon Party
10th February, 2009
10th March, 2009
09th April, 2009 
09th May, 2009
07th June, 2009
09th July, 2009
06th August, 2009
04th September, 2009
04th October, 2009
02nd November, 2009
02nd December, 2009
31st December, 2009

How to get to Koh Phangan

Ferry Schedule

From Big Buddha Pier , Koh Samui
15 minutes from Samui Airport

From Haad Rin Pier Koh Phangan
(Full Party located here)

Departure time

Departure time

10.30 a.m.

09.30 a.m.

01.00 p.m.

11.40 a.m.

04.00 p.m.

02.30 p.m.

06.30 p.m.

05.30 p.m.



Seatran Discovery (High Speed Catamaran) Schedule

From Bang Rak Pier, Koh Samui
10 minutes from Samui Airport

From Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan
30 minutes to Haad Rin Beach

Departure time

Departure time

08.00 a.m.

11.00 a.m.

12.00 p.m.

04.30 p.m.


Tourism Koh Samui

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