What’s Next For Mars Exploration: Virtual Land On Mars

What’s Next For Mars Exploration: Virtual Land On Mars

Mars is actually a environment which has been in the news a great deal just recently. Elon Musk has released his intend to deliver people to Mars, and NASA is thinking about mailing another rover there in 2020. With this post, we shall go over what could be after that for room investigation: virtually buy land on mars!

The Reality!

Though area is definitely a exciting subject, it’s an easy task to neglect that there are people actually lifestyle and employed in place today. In fact, the Overseas Area Station (ISS) has become continuously busy for more than 18 many years!

The ISS is all about twice provided that a basketball area and is around 450 loads. To set that into viewpoint, if you withstood using one foot along with your biceps and triceps outstretched while retaining an apple company in each fingers, among those apples would weigh almost precisely what the whole ISS does!

With that being said, it is not necessarily surprising if you think about just how much items astronauts need to take up there with them: foods products for six months time at a time along with plenty of fitness equipment to enable them to stay fit, just to mention a few stuff.

The Dream!

So what’s next for place investigation? Internet land on Mars! The idea is the fact that folks should be able to go to Mars in VR and explore its work surface without needing to keep Planet.

This might be really helpful for instruction astronauts, while they can read about the ground and the ways to get around it before they ever set foot on the planet on its own. It could also be employed for technological analysis, as scientists can examine Martian stones and earth while not having to vacation there their selves.

Lastly, it is also a tourist destination! Individuals could pay a visit to different parts of Mars in VR and practical experience what it’s like to stand on the Reddish colored Environment.

Even though it’s an aspiration, for the time being, you are able to gift item all your family members a bit of Mars. All you have to do is buy an acre on Mars from Pieceofmars.com and change your perfect into truth!


Even though we haven’t been to Mars ourself, Pieceofmars.com provides the chance to acquire an acre on Mars! So what are you waiting around for? Go to PieceofMars.com right now! And you never know, maybe a day it will be possible to go to Mars in VR like a traveler vacation spot!