What exactly is time reporting?

What exactly is time reporting?

Our program’s bottom is its consumer time confirming. With more solutions along with changes, we could meet the confirming but additionally functionality calls for on most companies.It may be as easy as acknowledging the overwhelming encourage to clear the brain having a stroll from the sun light, with the knowledge that this significantly uncomplicated consider at personal is simply not a pointless exercise, but time one can deal with.

Diverse demands

We made our technology to get very easy to adjust for its clientele because numerous organizations have assorted demands.


They are able to make innovative alterations for buyers whether you possess more unique needs. Utilize the framework being a starting point, and we’ll build from that point.

Which companies are chronox right for?

A number of organizations may benefit from our time confirming. Design organizations may benefit from my operate purchase method and work orders (arbetsorder). You receive a good viewpoint of source sequence managing using chronox versatile function concepts calculations, by means of job order firm via invoice confirmation.

Accommodating to evolve

The system was developed in order to generate routine maintenance demands that are great for the requirements of several numerous companies. Only the materials you would like to make the generation purchases is provided to ensure that it fits your employee’s performance.


A free of charge assessment of the work statement is provided if you begin this system such that you can expect to always increase it as much as practicable.

The computer that is certainly put in a group room, together with a storage facility as well as shifting amenities, may serve as the key aspect. Staff may check in and around in this article, as well as register their details if it’s their preliminary time.

This mobile program is downloaded about the owner’s telephone and also displays the areas where even the specific has been accepted. Just in the push of the switch, their staff members registers out and in.